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Here you get to see what drive Kinetik and what each person job is within Kinetik.


Quintero Felder

Founder and CEO ( Kinetik USA ) 

The founder of Kinetik and CEO too. he is also the head photographer and designer for all of the kinetik Brands. It also help that he is a gearhead too.  


Mike Hall

Photographer (Kinetik Media)

Base out of Liberty, SC. Mike of Kinetik photographer that covers the Truck and Mini Trucking show for Kinetik. Catch he work in upcoming  issues of Kinetik Magazine


Kayla Stahl

Writer  (Kinetik Magazine)

Kayla have been with Kinetik Magazine from the beginning. Her article that she write help bring the features to life. Her article make you feel like their talking about you. Check out her articles soon.



Photographer  (Kinetik Magazine)

BIO coming soon 


Martin Pinner

Videographer (Kinetik Media)

Martin have been with Kinetik sense the Beginning and he is now the head videographer Kinetik. See his work on our Kinetik Media youtube channel. 


Dee Hall

Photographer (Kinetik Media)

Wife to Mike Hall and Base out of Liberty, SC too. Dee is a photographer to and help mike covers the Truck and Mini Trucking show for Kinetik. Catch he work in upcoming  issues of Kinetik Magazine


Shana Scucchi

Editor (Kinetik Magazine)

Shana help bring the magic to Kinetik as a whole. She help make sure that Kinetik give our readers the best article that in every Issue of Kinetik Magazine and on our online platform as well.


Jsaon Stewart

Photographer (Kinetik media)

Jason is one of our newest Kinetik photographers. Base out of North Carolina, he help cover events with great photo for Kinetiik Magazine


Sean Chartier

Photographer (Kinetik Media)

Sean is one of the best motor sport photographer that we ever seen. He cover all of the drift, drag and road racing for Kinetik Magazine. Sean help make Kinetik Mag for the gearheads. 


Paige Crawford

Photographer  (Kinetik Magazine)

Paige has been with Kinetik sense the beginning. She is really big in the automotive sound system scene. Basiclly she is a bass head and she help bring that to Kinetik Magazine.

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