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Kinetik Girls began in the later part of the 2018 when we decided to make a Kinetik Calendar. The Kinetik Calendar would give local car guy and local models a place to show there love of being a Gearhead. The very first Kinetik girl was Raven Sykes who was to be the feature girl in the calendar. At the same time Promoting the women clothing line. Raven was a very beautiful women that have a passion for cars. The pictures from that Photoshoot with the apparel turn out really good.  After that photoshoot we started looking for another Kinetik Girl to feature and to put in the calendar. Shortly after we met Paige from Ocala, Florida. Who was and up and coming photographer and model with a passion for cars as well. Paige wanted to be the next Kinetik Girl, as well as, being the next Kinetik photographer.


With that we create a partnership with Paige ( PCPhotography ). With her being a photographerpher and model. Paige was able to take amazing  photos with models in the Tampa and Orlando Area. Shortly after partnering with Paige of PCPhotography. We met Chloe at a Import Expo cars show in Charlotte, NC. At Import Expo, we took some really amazing photos with her there. Next thing we know Chloe became the next Kinetik Girl. Chloe have taken alot of amazing pictures and help to promote the womens apparel. Over the years PCPhotography and Qfelderphotography helped us continue the growth of Kinetik and Kinetik Girls with the pairing of amazing women and beautiful cars.


Requirements for being featured as a Kinetik Girl:

  • Kinetik Girl applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Email us at with your Name, Social Media Info, Age, and Location.  Let us know if you have a vehicle that you plan to work with as well as a photographer.  

  • You must have or obtain at least 1 piece of Kinetik apparel from our store (t-shirt, tank top, legging etc.) and set up a photoshoot wearing our apparel with an automobile or motorcycle.

  • Photos must be professional photos that have been edited and must be original photos and not any photos that has previously been shared on the internet. Submit at least 10 edited photos to us, 5 of which must be showing our Kinetik logo on the apparel.  Once the photos are submitted to Kinetik, the model and photographer are agreeing to give us permission to share them on our website and social media, along with using them for marketing and promotional use. 

  • Once chosen and have confirmed that you have scheduled a photoshoot. We will contact you with bio and interview questions to get to know you a little better.  This will help us to write a creative article and feature you in the best possible manner.

  • All features are posted in the order in which they are received We know models and photographers get excited once they have completed a shoot, but we appreciate your patience in waiting to begin sharing the photos.  Your feature may not be shared for a few weeks. We promise that it will be worth the wait as it will allow us to properly promote the article, model and photographer.  If any of the photos are shared online prior to us releasing our feature WE WILL NOT feature you



Miss Chloe

Miss Chloe is the first and the original Kinetik Girl. She is the model that stated it all. 


Miss Bella

Miss Bella is our current Kinetik girl and face of the brand. 


Miss Audri

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Miss Ashley

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Miss Raini

Miss Raini is one another original Kinetik Girl. She is the second to be a brand girl.  


Miss Cammie

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Miss Asian Petite

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Miss Brandi

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