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The Original Kinetik Girl


             hat can we say about Miss Chloe. Three              years ago, we found Miss Chloe and                  did our first show photoshoot with her. Little did we know that she was going to be the next Kinetik Girl. Like the other kinetik girls, Chloe have a love for cars and she doesn't care about getting her hands dirty when work on her own car. She is a the type of model that can do just about any style that you need her to do. One of the most nicest and sweetie girls that you will ever meet and work with. But, when she get in from of a camera, she turn into a different person. You can think of her as a super hero. Off camera, she is like Kara Zor-El  ( Supergirl ). she is happy go luck, funny and a little corky. But, when she step in front of the camera, she turn in to supergirl. All about business, easy to work with, give you the look that your looking for and give you 100%.  Which make her take amazing  pictures, as you can see from her pictures. Just wait until you see some of her pictures for this year. 


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